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Top 5 posts of 2009

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Our top 5 posts of 2009 by page views:

  1. [].inject(“Groovy”){}
  2. Who needs a mock framework?
  3. Mocking and stubbing in Groovy with ‘with’
  4. Java 6 and Maven on Mac OS X Leopard
  5. Liferay Portal is pretty snazzy

Here are a few posts from 2008 (our first year) that were still popular in 2009:

And here’s my favorite post of all time: What’s the most fun you’ve ever had… programming?

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What’s the most fun you’ve ever had… programming?

May 4, 2008 8 comments

Like every kid that’s ever owned a guitar, I dreamed of becoming a rock star. These days my only goal musically is to keep having fun playing music. Hey, and sometimes fake instruments are just as fun as the real ones!

Similarly, I used to dream of becoming a programming rock star. I wanted to be a speaker at conferences and have other geeks ask for my autograph. These days my only goal is to keep having fun playing with Java and any other cool languages I can get my hands on. Groovy is pretty high on my fun list these days.

Seems like a simple thing to do: Have fun.

Having fun is important. More important than being a superstar. More important than a huge paycheck.

I love asking other programmers what’s the most fun they’ve ever had programming. I especially love to ask this question when I’m giving technical interviews. More often than I’d expect, many programmers claim that their current project has been the most fun.

Riiiight. So, why are you leaving? Oh, I’m sorry, looks like we’re out of time – it’s been a pleasure speaking with you *click!*.

So what’s the most fun you’ve ever had programming? Your answer will reveal a lot about you.

My answer? It was a college project. I was on a team of three that made a functional Trivial Pursuit client/server game. Actually, the other two guys on my team were really busy with other activities so I did most of the coding myself. I spent two or three weeks of late nights to complete it. I completely skipped my final Philosophy project that semester so I could program (resulting in one of the only B’s on my college transcript), but it was totally worth it. I had a blast!

That was just one example of fun for me. I have many others like it aaaaand probably nearly as many projects that… fall on the other end of the spectrum, to put it kindly.

What about you? What’s the most fun you’ve had? What was so great about it? You might be surprised what you learn about yourself in dreaming up the utopian project setting. Of course, I’m assuming I’d be a part of your all-star team! Right? RIGHT?!

So, like I said, I don’t care about being a programming rock star, but that didn’t stop me from picking up a copy of Rock Star Programmers recently. I plan on reading it this month along with about a dozen (literally) other books (can you believe I’m just now getting started on this classic!?!). I still believe I’ll do great things in my career and I hope to find inspiration from the stories of others that have done great things and, more importantly, had fun in the process.